For 30 years Stoney-Miller Consultants has been committed to helping our clients by providing a wide range of services in the fields of Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology. Our experienced and licensed personnel have a diverse range of skills and specialties to meet our clients' needs, including:

  • Slope stability, landslide analysis, and hillside repair
  • Commercial, public works, and residential projects
  • Remedial grading design
  • Construction observation and testing
  • Bluff edge determination and coastal retreat
  • Second party review and expert witness services
  • HOA and property management support
  • Foundation engineering for critical structures
  • Harbors and bulkheads
  • Seismic analysis and earthquake engineering

Our Geotechnical Engineers apply their knowledge of the behavior of earth materials, including soil, rock, and groundwater to the design, construction, and operation of civil engineering works such as buildings, bulkheads, dams, bridges, embankments, deep fills and more.  Our Engineering Geologists are here to assure that geologic factors such as earthquakes, landslides, adverse geologic structure, and groundwater are accounted for during the engineering process.

The SMC team of Geotechnical Engineers and Engineering Geologists is ready get your project out of the ground.  Give us a call.

In the Bay Area contact Russ Lamb, P.E., G.E., at (949) 380-4886

In the LA/Ventura Counties contact Kevin Trigg, P.G., E.G., at (818) 852-7245

In San Diego County contact Russ Lamb, P.E., G.E., at (949) 380-4886