Inclinometer monitoring is a simple method used to determine and measure movement below the surface of a hillside.  The system consists of a plastic casing that is fixed into a borehole using a weak cement grout.  Once set, the casing is read with an electronic probe that measures the shape of casing at closely spaced intervals.  This information is downloaded into programs that establish the baseline shape of the casing on a specific starting date.  Repeated readings provide more information that can be compared to the baseline to expose portions of the casing that are changing shape, or deforming, in response to ground movement.  Experienced interpretation of the information can differentiate between landsliding, slope creep, or other forms of movement.

Inclinometer monitoring provides an integral data set in establishing areas that are, and are not, moving.  This information is most important to the decision makers in emergency and life-safety disaster response, as well as the technical professionals evaluating remedial design measures.  Stoney-Miller Consultants, Inc. has current equipment to monitor casings installed at inclinations from vertical to low-angle, and has provided these services and interpretations for over 30 years.  If you need more information, please contact Kevin Trigg, P.G., E.G. at the Irvine office, 949-380-4886