Groundwater Level Transducers

Understanding groundwater migration and variation is an important element in the development of property.  Subterranean construction can be affected by shallow groundwater buoyancy and seepage.  If dewatering is required, what is the area of influence and potential impacts to offsite properties?  Determination of the causes for landslides includes groundwater modeling.  Slope stabilization depends on existing or potential groundwater mitigation.  In the past these issues were addressed by experience, local knowledge and, at best, a few widely spaced measurements.  Based on limited available data, conservatism was the only viable engineering approach to address these conditions.

Groundwater transducers have changed this approach for the better.  Their small design allows installation in new and many existing wells, even in toxic conditions, to continuously record groundwater fluctuations minute by minute...for months.  Data is easily downloaded and can be corrected for changes in atmospheric conditions, allowing a new level of accuracy.  This robust data has added significant confidence to many projects, including sensitive designs supporting coastal construction below sea level and within the zone of tidal influence. 

Does your site have a groundwater issue?  Talk to our experts.  Contact Dr. John Foster, P.G., E.G., Professor Emeritus from the Department of Geological Sciences at California State Fullerton and Ian Keith Goltz, P.G., C.Hg., Certified Hydro-Geologist at our Irvine office: 949-380-4886.