The construction of urban infill projects can be challenging, with valuable buildings surrounding proposed underground parking.  For residential properties, basement construction allows homeowners to achieve the maximum square footage within the allowable building envelope.  Often space limitations prevent access through an open cut.  To achieve these designs the closely adjoining property and improvements must be safely supported throughout the construction.  Shoring makes this happen.

Stoney-Miller Consultant's team of engineers have the unique experience required to effectively and efficiently design these systems.  Our backgrounds in geotechnical and structural design provide the background and understanding to properly evaluate the soil-structure interaction,  From simple cantilevered piles to complex secant systems with tieback anchors, soil or rock bolts, or excavation below sea-level, we've been there and done that.   Let us do that for you.

To get started, contact our Irvine office and ask for Russ Lamb, R.C.E., G.E., (949) 380-4886