Common construction activities such as caisson drilling, excavations and soil compaction may produce ground vibrations that are potentially damaging to nearby structures. Vibration-induced damages may range from cosmetic hairline cracking in wallboard and stucco to structural damages that may threaten the integrity of the structure. To minimize the potential for claims related to vibration damage, we recommend that ground vibrations be evaluated and monitored during construction. Quantitative measurement of ground vibrations at a construction site may be used to determine if activities approach threshold levels which could cause property damage to nearby structures.

During the course of daily monitoring, a continuous record of construction-generated signals is recorded.  These records are transmitted via wireless and stored on a website, where they can be reviewed by project personnel.  Based on these records, it can be determined if the contractor or subcontractors need to take the necessary steps to modify activities in the field to control vibration levels.

To view the live monitoring data on your project, contact Stoney-Miller Consultants for webpage log-in and access.